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Matt Johnston, her loving husband, has found his passion for food through the years. His previous career was in Fire and EMS. Initially he began cooking in the firehouse, and then moved on to experiment more and more at home. Since Boda’s opened he has mostly left the EMS life behind, though still holds his Paramedic license.  You can find his Barbecue Pulled Pork in our freezer for purchase or featured periodically as a daily special. It’s a customer favorite. Matt will tell you what makes it special is that it is slowly smoked with a combination of charcoal and local hardwoods. His own barbecue sauce is an added treat. You’ll also want to check out his Clam Chowder, Heirloom Tomato Basil Soup and various baked goods. Have questions about local beer? He can help, Matt is an admitted beer nerd and proud of it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are hiring us for a special event, it is likely that you don't plan catered parties on the regular.  That's why you hire the pros!  We understand this process can be very overwhelming for our clients so we are happy to take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Below are some common ones that come up:

How much will my event cost?

This is the hardest question for us to answer until we get more information on your event.  The average wedding we cater will end up costing around $60 - $100/per guest. We will always strive to keep your costs in check, however many factors are out of our control.  When we build your custom quote, all of your associated costs will be itemized so there are no surprises.  Below are things to keep in mind 


GUEST COUNT: Obviously the larger the guest count, the higher the total cost, however for very small, intimate events, the average cost per person can sometimes be higher due to the ratio of labor hours to the food quantity.  For instance, a cheese & charcuterie display for 20 people will average $4.75/pp while one for 90 people will cost around $4.15/pp.


VENUES: Each location has its own challenges and advantages.  Are rentals included with the venue (place settings, linens, tables, chairs)? Does your venue require the caterer to set up and breakdown tables & chairs?  Is there a built-in bar? How far is the venue from our kitchen?  

MENU: Ingredient cost, while it is a large factor in menu price, it is not the only thing to keep in mind. The complexity of the menu, staffing required to pull it off, as well as equipment needed at the event will all factor into the overall event costs. 

RENTALS: As a full-service caterer, we will handle all of your rental needs.  We are happy to source decor items, specialty linens or place settings.  It is important to keep in mind that any additional extras will affect the bottom line.  We will include an itemized rental estimate with your quote and work with you on any little extras you are looking for.

SERVICE: Our highly trained staff will be on site from the beginning to the end of the event.  We take great pride in our service standards and will not compromise on the quantity of staff hours we require to pull an event off.  Every event will have a Captain ($40/hr) that will be there for the duration from setup to breakdown.  Additional Servers ($30/hr) will be scheduled according to the venue setup requirements, service style (passed apps, buffet, plated dinner, etc). Bartenders ($40/hr) will be scheduled based on the specific bar needs (multiple bars, signature cocktails, tableside wine service).  An onsite Chef ($40/hr) will be scheduled for a portion of the event time based on the menu requirements.  We may add in additional onsite Cooks ($30/hr) for menus requiring a higher lever of service (composed appetizers, family style or plated dinners, etc). 


Everything we charge you for will be itemized on your quote.  You will not be surprised by any hidden charges or fees that were unexpected.

Service Fee: We charge an additional 20% on the food and beverage (this is standard among most caterers).  While some of this goes to overhead and payroll costs, a majority of it will go to our hard working kitchen staff that will spend the days leading up to the event prepping. We will not expect any cash tip at your event, however if you feel the service warrants it, it is always greatly appreciated.


Vendor Meals: We charge 50% of your dinner menu price for vendor meals.  Typically the vendors that require a meal include photographers, DJ/band, coordinators, venue owner or manager, videographer.  We will NOT charge you for our staff meals.  

What does the booking process look like?

Once we receive your inquiry and have all the information needed, we will begin building your custom quote. Please keep in mind that we MUST have a DATE to hold a place on the calendar. Because our quotes are tailored to you, they can take up to one or two weeks to build (longer during the busy summer months).  Once you receive a quote, we will discuss any details/changes you would like to make.  If you are ready to move forward with booking (even if there are some more details to work out), we will send over a contract to sign and return as well as an invoice for the deposit (typically $1000). We will still be happy to discuss minor changes to your menu and adjust items as details are sorted out.  Eight weeks prior to your event date, 50% of the estimated balance will be due. The headcount will be due 3 weeks prior to event date. The final balance owed will then be adjusted, invoiced and will be due 2 weeks prior to event date.  We try to avoid any need for a check on the event date so you can focus on your party!


What if I need to cancel?

Due to the time and and costs associated with booking your event, the deposit will be non-refundable. This pays for associated administrative costs as well as missed bookings by holding your date.

Do you do tastings?

We are happy to schedule a private tasting with you between the months of November through April. We charge a minimum $40/pp for tastings.  Up to 4 people are welcome to join.  

How long will you hold my date?

As soon as you inquire on a date, we will plug it into the calendar while we work on your quote. We understand that selecting your caterer is a big and expensive decision to make.  We never want to make you feel pressured in this process, however our available dates book up quickly.  Once we have sent a quote, we will typically give you about 30 days to make a decision. If there is no indication that you are interested in moving forward, we will release the date.

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